Production Line Quality Control with SensoPRO LT Software from Sensofar

SensoPRO LT from Sensofar is software that, when combined with their S neox and S mart optical profilers, assists in carrying out rapid and simple quality control in a production line. The SensoPRO LT software and S line optical profilers simplify the work of the operator, who need only load the sample and follow the step-by-step instructions.

The SensoPRO LT is directly linked to the acquisition software of the S series Optical Profiler. The S line profiler obtains 3D data in predefined positions and transmits them to SensoPRO LT, which receives the data and applies an analysis algorithm to automatically determine the critical features of the sample.

As well as the standard available algorithms for surface analysis, including those for semiconductor packaging industries, custom algorithms for specific applications can also be written.

The operator can enter sample identification and load the acquisition formula. With the aid of the given instructions, the operator can load the sample, automatically align, measure on each default point, and finally unload the sample.

The results can then be provided in an Excel report in a choice of file formats that display the data for each measurement item reported. Using defined tolerances, pass/fail data can be displayed, which reduces the time taken by the operator to plan the next course of action for the production line.

Key Features

  • Analysis algorithms are better as they are written based on customer requirements
  • Guided operation
  • Results can be obtained in an Excel report


  • PSS LED sector, including LED height, diameters and angle
  • Semiconductor IC packaging sector, including full Flip-Chip characterization, rapid 3D measurements of holes, roughness measurements of substrates, and fast orientation and localization of traces

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