S mart & S onix 3D Optical Sensors for Integrable Surface Metrology Solutions

In-line metrology sensor systems offered by Sensofar represent the pinnacle in the development of surface metrology systems, owing to the company’s 14 years of expertise in the field.

Right from the outset, the systems have been designed in such a way that they can be incorporated even into the most adverse manufacturing environments. The S mart & S onix in-line 3D surface sensors are lightweight, compact, and come with flexible mounting options, thus putting high-performance surface metrology right where users need it — in their specific application.

Robust, Rugged and Reliable

Production environments are not always user-friendly; for example, aggressive materials, vibrations, varying conditions, and other factors, all contribute to making the measurement tasks significantly more challenging.

However, the in-line sensors available from Sensofar have been engineered by keeping this aspect in mind. The sealed sensor head prevents particles and debris from entering, while the optical assembly designed by the company does not contain any moving parts, which means the sensors remain clean and well aligned.

Versatile or Fast?

Sensofar’s two integrable systems have been mainly designed to be robust, compact and easily integrated. Aligning the specific strengths of these systems with those performance properties that are truly needed in a production environment had to be Sensofar’s next priority.

Positioned as the most versatile industrial system on the market, the S mart in-line 3D surface sensor addresses the requirement for ultimate measurement flexibility in an in-line capable package.

The S onix sensor in-line 3D surface sensor also addresses the demand for absolutely high-speed — and thus high-throughput — surface metrology in both in-line production and process control. It is regarded as the fastest industrial system available in the market today.

Maximum Measurement Versatility

The S mart sensor offers the required measurement versatility to handle an array of topographies and surface types. Using Sensofar’s advanced 3-in-1 technology — three measurement technologies integrated into one sensor head through a patented microdisplay method — the S mart sensor can be effortlessly switched to the most suitable method for the task at hand.

Such versatility offers the highest measurement flexibility on any single surface and also provides unprecedented adaptability for varying application requirements.

Unprecedented High Speed

The S onix in-line 3D surface sensor offers the speed needed in a high-throughput industrial metrology system. Thanks to its optimized mechanical and optical design and high-speed camera, the S onix sensor is up to seven times faster than other interferometric systems currently available. Vertical resolution has been retained, where the benefit of high speed provides an extra advantage of enhanced resistance against vibration.

S mart & S onix In-Line 3D Surface Sensors for In-Line Metrology Solutions

In-line metrology solutions
Robust, rugged, and reliable
Maximum measurement versatility
Unprecedented high speed

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