Integrable Metrology 3D Sensors - S wide

The S wide is developed to quantify huge areas in a single shot, ideal for applications where speed and shape measurement is considered the priority.

  • FOV (single shot) 34.7 × 29.1 mm
  • Acquisition time 1 s
  • Optical resolution 9.35 µm
  • System noise 1 µm

Integrable Metrology 3D Sensors

Image Credit: Sensofar Metrology

Single Shot Areal Imaging

The S wide offers all the advantages of a digital microscope combined into a high-resolution measuring instrument. With just one shot, it obtains 35 × 29 mm of XY area and up to 40 mm of depth without any Z movement. The combination of proprietary Fringe Projection technology along with telecentric lenses yields an outstanding performance and 1 µm system noise.

Integrable Metrology 3D Sensors

Image Credit: Sensofar Metrology

Objective Lens

Table 1. Source: Sensofar Metrology

  Fringe Projection
MAG 0.243X
NA 0.015
WD (mm) 80
FOV1 (mm) 34.7 x 29.1
Spatial sampling2 (µm) 14.2
Optical resolution3 (µm) 9.35


System Specifications

Table 2. Source: Sensofar Metrology

. .
Measuring principle Fringe Projection (Gray code & Slit, Gray code & Phase Shift)
Observation types Bi-telecentric lens with 0.243X magnification and 0.015 NA
Color camera 5Mpx: 2448x2048 pixels (60 fps)
Total magnification (27" screen) 11X
Display resolution 0.001 µm
Max. Extended measuring area 300x300 mm with 10x12 stitched fields (Max. resolution 450 Mpx)
Vertical measuring  range 10 mm (up to 40 mm)
XY stage range Manual: 150x100 mm; Motorized: 154x154 mm, 302x302 mm
LED light sources Green (530 nm) and blue (460 nm)
Ring light illumination White
User management rights Administrator, advanced operator, operator
Advanced software analysis Included: SensoVIEW; Optional: SensoPRO, SensoMAP, Geomagic®
Power Line Voltage 100-240 V AC; frequency 50/60 Hz single phase
Software communication DLL (C++ or C#, Windows 10® - 64 bits) - XML (any operating system)
Computer Latest INTEL processor; 3840x2160 pixels resolution (4K) (27”)
Operating system Microsoft Windows® 10, 64 bit
Environment Temperature 10 ºC to 35 ºC; Humidity


1 Maximum field of view with 3/2” camera. 2 Pixel size on the surface. 3 L&S: Line and Space, half of the diffraction limit according to the Rayleigh criterion. Values for blue LED.


Integrable Metrology 3D Sensors

Image Credit: Sensofar Metrology

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