Echelle Spectrograph to Record Wide Wavelength Ranges - Mechelle 5000

Andor's Mechelle ME5000 spectrograph has been designed to provide simultaneous recording of a wide wavelength range (200-975 nm) in one acquisition. It has no moving components is available in a pre-aligned detector/spectrometer format. The Andor Mechelle spectrograph is based on the echelle grating principal and its patented optical design provides extremely low cross-talk and maximum resolution compared with other spectrographs.

Features and Benefits

  • A highly optimized, patented high throughput design with patented corrected off axis optics to enable the user to achieve maximum throughput and optimum Gaussian line shape and resolution
  • Software correction using temperature sensor: measurements made in Andor have shown that there is a relationship between the temperature and the calibration off set
  • Constant spectral resolution (CSR) of minimum 5,000: the Mechelle always resolves the same fraction of the wavelength, implying that the disperation in units of nm/pixel, as a fraction of the wavelength.
  • A robust compact and portable design ensuring no moving components
  • Hands-on software - direct and responsive
  • The speed of the system is only dependent on the integration time, readout rate of the camera and PC capabilities

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