On-Line Differential Viscometer for Gel Permeation Chromatography with The ViscoStar®

Wyatt Technology’s ViscoStar® III is an on-line differential viscometer that can be paired with the DAWN® HELEOS® II or miniDAWN TREOS® multi-angle light scattering detectors to analyze intrinsic viscosity in combination with SEC-MALS-IV and SEC-MALS to determine the characterization of molar mass, size, branching ratio and conformation of proteins, peptides, biopolymers, and synthetic polymers.

The ViscoStar® III has a temperature control that ranges between 4°C to 70°C and can work at the same temperature as the HPLC separation (both below or above ambient).

Key Features

The main features of the ViscoStar® III are as follows:

  • Differential pressure range: 6.9 kPa
  • Differential pressure sensitivity: 0.05 Pa
  • Dynamic range: 135,000:1
  • Drift: < 2.5 Pa/hour
  • Minimum quantifiable sample: 0.1 µg of 100 kDa polystyrene in THF
  • Automated thermal bridge tuning ensures accurate bridge balance at every run
  • A patented pump pulse suppression system reduces pressure fluctuations caused by the pump without losing chromatographic resolution
  • A Dual-Peltier thermal control included for optimal isolation of the temperature-sensitive bridge from room temperature variations

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