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ECO LINE Generators from Eldec with a Continuous Power Rating up to 150 kW

The ECO LINE series generators are a great match for virtually any production solution. They have a continuous power rating from 5 to 150 kW (MF version) or 5 to 75 kW (HF version).

Energy Source Produced in Germany

The robust and compact mid-range from eldec: With their multiple or single outputs, ECO LINE HF and MF generators are appropriate as a stand-alone solution or for integration into production systems.

The ECO LINE generators are provided with several options and output configurations. Any power rating is also available in the versions “2A” (two outputs, sequential heating), “:2” (simultaneous, symmetrical heating), or “x2” (two outputs, simultaneous, independent heating).

With their compact design and many control options (available: Profibus/Profinet interface), the ECO LINE generators are suitable for integration into larger systems.

The new operator panel is engineered for intuitive control of the MF generator.


The main advantages of the ECO LINE series generators are as follows:

  • Efficiency > 90%
  • Robust IGBT transistor technology => short and idle proof
  • Automatic adaptation to resonance frequency and thereby inductor dimension
  • Circuit topology with output transformer: optimum operator protection
  • High-speed PLC with eldec control print: high clock pulse frequencies for extremely rapid control
  • Precise energy dosing (+/- 2%) => high process capability (reliability)
  • Compact eldec transformers and throttles => optimum power density
  • Inverter with modular design
  • Hose bundles of up to 15 m length
  • Maintenance free
  • Widest frequency and power range and largest adaptation range available on the market

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