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The CUSTOM LINE Generators for Induction Heating from Eldec

The CUSTOM LINE Generators from Eldec are the best energy source for induction heating and they are tailored precisely to fit the specific application, component, and production process.

Induction Generators with a Wide Range of Optional Features

Induction heating is used in a number of industries for a variety of applications ranging from stretching, shrinking, and joining through to annealing, melting, and extremely effective induction surface hardening.

These CUSTOM LINE Generators from Eldec provide customized answers that highlight the appropriate energy source for each task. The generators are configured very specifically. A wide range of solutions are available with multiple or single outputs and a wealth of frequency and power combinations.

All of these generators have Eldec's high standard of quality. Eldec's sophisticated induction technology is synonymous with perfect device protection, maintenance-free use, easy operation, precisely controlled energy application, and a high efficiency ratio and power density.

Eldec offers the right generator for a speicific production task, and provides assistance in the beginning stages of a project in order to highlight the best solution.


The main advantages of the CUSTOM LINE Generators are as follows:

  • Extensive interface package
  • Easy operation
  • Wide range of multiple power outputs
  • Wide frequency, power, and adjustment ranges
  • Maintenance free
  • Precisely controlled application of energy
  • High efficiency ratio

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