Hot Mounting Press - OPAL 460

ATM’s OPAL 460 is a fully hydraulic, water-cooled hot mounting press for mounting samples prior to polishing. The process sequence is performed automatically. The completely automatic sliding closure allows rapid and easy opening/closing of the mold assembly. Mold assemblies can be exchanged swiftly and without the need for tools.

The sturdy aluminum construction is powder-coated. With its solid construction and ATM hydraulic system, the machine’s operating noise is reduced to a minimum. ATM’s full selection of mold assemblies from Ø 25.2-50 mm and different pressure techniques provide best conditions for mounting a sample. Two mounts can be produced simultaneously with the use of a spacer.

The OPAL 460 and 480 are available as single units as well as integrated in a bench. By incorporating the mounting presses into ATM’s System, a comfortable working height is created. Optionally, the System-Mounting Press can be fitted with a closed cooling water system, so that it becomes independent from any mains water supply. Furthermore, the water consumption is reduced to a single filling (6 l). The System-Mounting Presses are available as twin or triple powder-coated aluminum units and fit ideally into the ATM System Lab.

Product Advantages

  • Fully automatic, electronic controlled
  • Easy to handle closure system
  • 18 programs to save with free configuration
  • Solid aluminum case construction, powder coated
  • Simple operation via large LC display and enhanced user interface
  • Four different modes for pressure to select
  • Fully hydraulic pressure mode
  • Automatic water cooling (with economy function)
  • Double mounting possible
  • Easy to change mold assembly
  • Also available as a system mounting press with closed cooling water system and comfortable working height


. .
Mold assembly Ø 25.2 - 50 mm (7 different sizes)
Closure system slide closure
Thermostat range 20-200 °C
Heating time adjustable
Cooling time adjustable
Max. pressure in mold assembly depending on mold assembly's size 250 bar
Connection power 3.1 kVA
Heating power 4x 500 W
W x H x D 390 x 450 x 500 mm
Weight ~ 61 kg

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