Hardness Tester - CARAT 930

The CARAT 930 is an exceptional product for micro-hardness testing and optical evaluation based on the latest technology and intuitive application. Measurements are carried out very precisely and effortlessly through new, unrivalled methods. ATM’s robust basic unit is suitable for meeting the requirements of users with its own in-house software modules and the CARAT sample clamping system.

The vibration-damped cast aluminum body forms a robust basis for the high load-bearing CARAT stage with automatic X/Y axis and automatic Z axis with 8 times objective revolver (LED illumination). The “easy-clamp function” can be used to quickly and precisely change Plane parallel samples in the CARAT sample clamping system and the fast lock vice 50.

The software accommodates control either by mouse or by touch in a 64-bit-Version (WIN 7/8/10). All axes can be travelled via control module at the basic unit. Even the X and Y axes are controllable by joystick, adjusting their speed to the individual objective. A scrolling wheel facilitates the particularly fine dynamic travel of the Z axis. A button is provided for rapid scrolling.

The force transducer with microprocessor-controlled force regulation covers a loading range from 0.49 – 294.2 N with load application that is electronically-controlled. The corresponding software module performs an evaluation such as with test load according to standard HV 0.05 – HV 30 (total test range 1 g – 30 kg) with many measurement options.

Results may be issued separately in a dynamic report generator with hardness sequence curves and value tables. A clear and flexible image of the sample is presented by the dynamic live image via objective-independent image-in-image function and periphery-scan. A rapid image result is supported by the automatic brightness regulation and auto-focus support, and this result can be accelerated even more by the automatic level recognition with automatic quick-focusing. Focus on the sample can be reconstructed via planar scan in case of unevenness.

Product Advantages

  • Automatic Z-axis
  • Safety concept
  • Integrated joystick with dynamic speed control for X-/Y-axis
  • Oscillation-damped cast-aluminum body
  • Integrated leveling and transport assistant
  • Basic equipment for optical appraisal and hardness testing
  • Software package CARAT collect (optional: CARAT connect/CARAT select)


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Test load standard Vickers
Load range (DIN EN ISO 6507 + ASTM E-384) HV 0.05 - HV 30
Total testing range 1 g - 30 kg
Max. loading CARAT stage 60 kg
X-axis (CARAT stage) 160 mm or 250 mm
Y-axis (CARAT stage) 100 mm
Z-axis 150 mm
Objectives up to 6 in a 8 times revolver
Magnification 2.5x - 100x (2.5x / 5x / 10x / 40x / 50x / 100x)
Electrical supply data 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz (1 Ph/N/PE)
W x H x D 375 x 650 x 670 mm
Weight ~ 65 kg

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