Single Wheel Grinder and Polisher - SAPHIR 550.3

The SAPHIR 550 from ATM is available with polishing head RUBIN 520 and is a single wheel grinder and polisher of the latest generation with an advanced grinding and polishing head for working wheels Ø 250-300 mm.

The head RUBIN 520 is provided with an automatic protective hood, thus setting a new standard for operational safety. Memory function, single and central pressure, material removed measurement and integrated dosing system are only a few of the possibilities.

Motor-driven height setting with pneumatic clamping and all characteristics of the basic unit Saphir 350 meet the highest demands. It is possible to pre-determine the removal height with 0.01 mm accuracy. The material removed measurement happens automatically. The machine switches off after reaching the preset value.

Product Advantages

  • Central and single pressure
  • Electronic control with touch screen
  • Programmable memory
  • Automatic front cover for safety
  • Variable speed of polishing head and working wheel
  • Single wheel grinder/polisher with Rubin 520
  • Memory function for height and side adjustment
  • Polishing head with clockwise/counter-clockwise rotation


. .
Working wheels Ø 200 - 300 mm
No. of samples (single pressure) 1-6 samples Ø 50 mm
Single pressing force variable, 5-100 N
Central pressing force variable, 20-400 N
Connection power 3.2 kVA
Drive power (base) 0.75 kW S6/40%
Drive power (head) 0.17 kW S1
Speed (grinder) 50 - 600 rpm
Speed (head) 30 - 150 rpm
W x H x D 560 x 550 - 650 x 660 mm
Weight ~ 85 kg
Water connection 1x fresh water connection R½" max. 6 bars


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