Static Testing Software - Bluehill® from Instron

Bluehill® Universal is Instron’s latest static testing software, built from the ground-up for touch interaction. The new portrait layout, with its accurately crafted visual design, offers the most wide-ranging view of the test workspace on the Operator Dashboard, a superb large-format touch monitor with an integrated controller. Bluehill® Universal’s large touchpoints and intuitive gestures make the user experience smarter and simpler. While maintaining all of the power and flexibility found in earlier versions of Bluehill® Software, Bluehill® Universal boasts many modern capabilities, such as pre-loaded test techniques, QuickTest in seconds, and improved data exporting.


Bluehill® Universal’s effortless workflows and simplified functionality keep things easy for new or occasional users.


Simplicity doesn’t mean that you have to give up advanced features. Bluehill® Universal’s modular features offer users the power and flexibility to conduct the most complex of tests.

Compatibility: Bluehill® Universal is available with an Operator Dashboard on new 3300 and 5900 systems, as well as existing 5900, 5500, 3300, 59R, and IS02 static testing systems. ElectroPuls™ and 8800 dynamic systems can also make the most of Bluehill® Universal’s versatility and ease-of-use when conducting static tests.

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