Tension, Compression, Bend, Flex, and Shear Testing - DX Series

The Industrial Series DX Models have been specifically designed for applications involved in the testing of high-capacity tension, compression, band/flex and shear.

DX Models have been equipped with a dual test space and single footprint.

With an emphasis on operator safety, these frames incorporate high-quality materials and components that are ideal for the testing of metals, wire rods and fasteners, as well as concrete and wood materials.

Features and Benefits

  • The single footprint of the DX Models provides significantly more floor space by combining the load frame, hydraulic power supply and controller into a single package
  • The fully open-front grip design provides improved safety for operators and throughput by allowing a limited amount of jaw faces to cover specimens of a wide size range
  • Two test space design makes changing between tension and compression testing safer and more efficient – there is no need to remove heavy fixtures
  • Convenient working height and ergonomic controls increase operator comfort and productivity
  • The productivity panel is equipped with multiple function keys and displays that improve ergonomics, allow operators to easily perform common testing functions and evaluate key test information without having to return to the computer
  • Powerful, yet user-friendly materials testing software provides reproducible and repeatable results for simple to sophisticated testing requirements
  • Variable pressure hydraulic power supply provides pressure on demand, reducing heat generation, increasing oil life, and removing the need for water cooling
  • An optional closed head grip design is available

Range of DX Models

  • 300DX: 300 kN (67,500 lbf)
  • 600DX: 600 kN (135,000 lbf)

Common Product Applications

  • Metals – Bar, plate, pipe & tube, rebar, structural
  • Fasteners
  • Composites
  • Wire rods

International Standards

  • ASTM A370, A615, C39, C109, E4, E8, E9, E290 and F606
  • BS 4449
  • ISO 6892-1, 6892-2, 7438, 7500-1, 9513 and 15630-1
  • JIS Z2241 and Z2248
  • EN10002-1 and 10002-2
Tensile Testing Fasteners on an Instron 300DX
300DX Crosshead Comparison

High-Capacity Tension, Compression, Bend, Flex, and Shear Testing - DX Series

DX Series - Picture 1
DX Series - Picture 2
DX Series - Picture 3

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