Drop Weight Impact Testing System - 9400 Series

Instron Drop Towers are used to develop, fine tune, and validate material models. The 9400 Series produces reliable, repeatable results whether you are testing materials and components before production to improve product acceptance or testing during production to ensure continuous improvement

Features of the 9400 Series Drop Weight Impact Testers

  • Fully enclosed and interlocked test area
  • Various support fixtures enable users to test a wide range of specimens and components
  • Motorized crosshead positioning system
  • Changeable tups and inserts
  • Full set of weights to deliver a wide range of impact energies


  • ASTM D3763
  • ASTM D7136
  • ASTM D7192
  • Boeing BSS 7260
  • Airbus AITM 1.0010
  • ISO 6603
  • ISO 7765
  • ISO 11343

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