Electromechanical Universal Testing Machine – Torsion Add-On

The Torsion Add-On for 5900 systems allows your lab to adopt an entirely new set of unique testing capabilities, such as the ability to widen product development potential, simulate real-world operations, and create additional lab space.

A simple way to convert an axial-only testing machine into a biaxial testing system is by adding torsion to a universal testing system.

The Instron® Torsion Add-On for electromechanical universal testing has been created for easy, concurrent axial and torsional testing of components and devices.

The Torsion Add-On is ideal for testing biomedical appliances such as syringes and luer connections along with routine codes such as ISO 11040-4 and ISO 80369 or operating complicated biaxial evaluations of assorted components.

Easily attached to any new Instron 5940 or 5960 systems, the Torsion Add-On can also be reconstructed in the field on Instron 5940 or 596 systems that are already in place. The torsion drive is fitted upon the machine’s crosshead, and the controller is attached to the system’s column, preserving the frame’s initial footprint.


  • Torque Capacity: Up to ±20 N-m or ±177 in-lbf
  • Maximum Angular Speed: 60 RPM
  • Angular Resolution: 0.001º
  • Electrical Requirements: Single Phase, 47/63 Hz, 120 or 220 VAC
  • Operating Temperature: +50 to 100 ºF or +10 to 38 ºC
  • Software: Bluehill® Universal with TestProfiler and additional torsion interface

Electrochemical Universal Testing Machine – Torsion Add-On

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