Creaform Academia for 3D Tech: Educational Solution Suite

For teachers seeking to easily integrate 3D scanning into their classroom, Creaform offers the most affordable professional-grade 3D scanner on the market. The ACADEMIA 3D scanner is the perfect tool for educating future engineers on the concept of 3D scanning and understanding its applications in engineering.

Also, for demanding research projects where performance is critical, Creaform is offering its complete portfolio of 3D measurement technologies at an accessible price point! Plus, whether or not the focus is teaching or research, users can count on a 5-year, worry-free Creaform ACADEMIA Customer Care Plan.

Creaform ACADEMIA FREE Package

Teachers who are not ready to purchase but are interested in introducing 3D scanning to their students can get free access to a Creaform ACADEMIA software package that includes the following:

  • 50 free software seats for Creaform’s reverse engineering and dimensional inspection software
  • Teaching kits including unlimited access to exclusive presentations, video tutorials, pre-built lab exercises and sample data sets, etc.
  • And much more to get a feel of how Creaform can help get them started with 3D scanners!
  • Download the free brochure to learn more.


Researchers can advance their most challenging research projects with Creaform ACADEMIA’s comprehensive solution set designed uniquely for them.

  • Free software
  • Creaform’s full-scale metrology line-up
  • And so much more for researchers

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