VXmodel Scan-to-CAD Post-Treatment Software Module

CREAFORM VXmodel scan-to-CAD post-treatment software module is a highly productive product that successfully converts 3D scans to printing-ready data. It is a simple but powerful software, with basic features and tools required for simple CAD preparation, offering precision and speed.

The VXmodel is integrated into VXelements, and is fully integrated with Creaform 3D scanners. It features various processes, such as alignment on the appropriate coordinate system, geometrical information import (curves, edges, diameters etc.), mesh improvement and mesh editing. It has tools such as Scale mesh | Shell/Offset mesh | Make watertight mesh | Boundary extrusion | Divide/Cut mesh by plane/Curve and other.


The VXmodel delivers efficient and simple tools required to prepare the 3D scan mesh for 3D printing or reverse engineering.

  • Clean meshes
  • Make meshes watertight
  • Decimate meshes
  • Merge meshes
  • Fill holes

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