Goodfellow Now Offering Carbon Nanotubes of Unprecented High Purity

A novel technique for the manufacture of carbon Nanotubes developed by SCNTE of Kettering, Ohio, produces Nano-materials of unprecedented high purity at a scalable economy. These materials are now available from Goodfellow in quantities for research and product development.



Conventionally produced Nano-materials include a high proportion of electrochemically active impurities from the catalysts used in their production; the manufacturing technique developed by SCNTE does not involve such catalysts and, therefore, the carbon Nano-materials are free from electrochemically active metal contamination (i.e., no nickel or iron contaminants). Because of this unprecedented purity, pre-use purification is not necessary, there is no solution contamination, and the overall result is an improvement in the consistency of the behavior of the materials.

"The high purity of these materials and the resulting ability to eliminate in-house pre-use purification will help our customers optimally utilise carbon Nano-materials in their applications at a competitive cost," states Goodfellow Managing Director Stephen Aldersley.

According to Bill Riehl, COO of SCNTE, SCNTE is the only company in the world able to produce carbon Nanotubes for composite, electrochemical, and electrical applications with absolute consistency in purity and performance. "Material we produce today will be identical to the material we'll produce next month, next year, or in ten years," he says. "That consistency will significantly advance the performance and technical specifications of customers' products."

Standard carbon Nano-materials in the Goodfellow Catalogue include:

  • 50 - 100nm Nanoclusters
  • 1µm and 2µm clusters
  • Whiskers, 200 nm diameter by 20µm (nominal dimensions)
  • Carbon Nanokit comprising clusters, Nanoclusters and whiskers

Enquiries for specific grades of material should be made to [email protected].


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