Thin Films and Foils for Reseach and Prototyping from Goodfellow

Goodfellow offers hundreds of polymer films and more than a thousand metal foils in small quantities for research applications and prototype development across dozens of industries. This wide range of materials includes:

  • Polymer films as thin as 0.0005 mm
  • Metallised polymer films as thin as 0.002 mm
  • Metal foils ranging from 0.0005 mm - 2.0 mm thin
  • Microleaf - ultra-thin (0.01 micron - 1.0 micron) metal foil mounted on a removable support
  • Microfoil - ultra-thin (0.25 micron - 1.0 micron) metal foil mounted on a permanent support

Thin and ultra-thin metal foils.

In addition to films and foils, Goodfellow can supply other forms of polymers and metals as well as ceramics, composites, compounds and intermetallics.

For more than 40 years, the Goodfellow name has been synonymous with small quantities of high-quality metals, polymers, ceramics and other materials that meet the research, development, and specialised production requirements of science and industry worldwide. Goodfellow Cambridge Ltd. is part of the Goodfellow Group of Companies, which also includes The Technical Glass Company (UK), Goodfellow Corporation, Goodfellow SARL, Goodfellow GmbH, and the Shanghai Representative Office of Goodfellow Cambridge Ltd.

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