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TacticID-GP Aids in the Fight Against ‘One Pot’ Meth

B&W Tek, an advanced instrumentation company that delivers lab quality Raman spectroscopy solutions through user-friendly mobile platforms, is pleased to announce that the TacticID-GP has been used successfully by the United States DEA in ‘One Pot’ meth lab remediation.

A rapid new movement of simple, easy-to-make methamphetamine is sweeping the country; called the ‘One Pot’ method. This new method is designed to get around laws restricting the sale of ingredients needed to make meth and is spreading in popularity at a rapid rate. This process is even more dangerous than the old makeshift meth labs, with numerous deaths and injuries occurring around the world.



The TacticID-GP handheld Raman spectrometer is ideal for hazardous material teams, law enforcement and other responders for fast, accurate identification of methamphetamine ingredients and precursors. It is able to scan directly through clear bottles, plastics and more, enabling responders to obtain identifications without direct contact.

Cooks using the ‘One Pot’ method combine all ingredients into a single bottle. If the bottle is not ‘burped’ every 15 minutes or so, enough pressure can build up due to the chemical reaction that a violent explosion of flaming, toxic ingredients will occur.

Additionally, if the bottle tips over, the reactive ammonia nitrate can mix with the water, also causing an immediate reaction and ignition. After the chemical reaction is complete, what’s left is a crystalline powder that can be smoked, snorted or injected.

The entire time for making this ‘One Pot’ methamphetamine can be as short as 1 hour, yielding several grams of highly pure meth. The process is so simple that it can be done in a car, in a backpack, at home in a kitchen – really, almost anywhere.

Limiting exposure for safety personnel is critical for helping to make ‘One Pot’ lab remediation as safe as possible for all involved. With its large on-board library of chemicals, narcotics and explosives, along with color-coded warning systems, Wi-Fi remote operation, multiple sampling accessories and more, TacticID-GP has proven to be an invaluable tool for those on the forefront of this disturbing new narcotic manufacturing front.

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