First Commerical Pulse Modulation-Infrared Reflection Adsorption Spectrometer Now Available in Australia

Scientific Solutions has an exclusive distribution agreement with KSV Instruments, Finland as the national Australian and New Zealand distributor of all KSV products.

We are happy to announce the availability in Australia and New Zealand of the first commercial purpose built Pulse Modulation-Infrared Reflection Adsorption Spectrometer (PM-IRRAS) for the characterisation of monolayers.

Accessing the chemical nature of the monolayer can be achieved using the reflective IR technique referred to as PM-IRRAS. The user-friendly PMI 550 allows for example, determination of chain tilt in lipid layers and progress of surface specific reaction.

Whatever monolayer system you are studying, the PM-IRRAS combined with KSV’s Interfacial Stress Rheometer and the Brewster Angle Microscope can provide crucial insights into research projects.

The PMI550 quickly and easily determines the orientation and composition of floating or solid monolayers via infrared spectroscopic analysis. The simple construction marks a breakthrough in in-situ IR-analysis of monolayers. No more do you need to fiddle with mirrors and prisms in order to get the IR-beam to the interface. The simple goniometer carries a spectrometer on one arm and detector on the other, with simple screw adjustment allowing rapid alignment of the IR-beam. Integrated software allows mouse-click acquisition of spectra at user-defined surface pressures.

Applications include the IR-Spectroscopic analysis of floating monolayers, such as lipid films, membrane proteins, nanoparticles and surfactants.

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