Tradeshow Talks with Cimquest - NPE 2018

Tradeshow Talks with CimquestS23147

Please could you tell us a bit about the company and why you’re here today?

Cimquest is a New Jersey based company. We do a lot of work with 3D printing processes that make injection molded, quality parts. We also do a lot of work with scanning and reverse engineering, as well as first inspection of injection molded parts, including all interior dimensions.

What products are you highlighting?

We are highlighting HP fuse nylon 3D printing. We have our own process called Iris Scan for carrying out first article inspections of injection molded parts, as well as a lot of our scanning and 3D printing services.

What makes you unique?

The products we use are pretty unique. We own the patent on the Iris Scan for first article inspection. There is a lot of scanners out there, but we are one of the few companies that can go from the scan to 3D model to QC inspection, so we really kind of wrap it off in one stop.

What industries do you primarily serve?

Manufacturing and design, so a lot of the plastic injection molding industry as well as CNC machining. We deal with Master Cam as well, one of the most widely used CNC Cam software programs out there.


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