Gas Analyzers - A Guide to their Applications

The aim of a gas analyzer is to improve safety by determining the concentration of a known gas in an atmosphere containing a number of gases. Its principle function is to alert users when the concentration of this gas becomes too high, or too low, but it can also improve quality and efficiency, and monitor the process and emissions. This article will go a little more in-depth about gas analyzers and their uses.

Fuel Cells

Fuel cells are able to directly turn a fuel into electricity, without the need of an engine, so they are most commonly found in the automotive sector. Their use has steadily been increasing as they can be a source of sustainable power in an automobile, but more research is required until they are seen as a real alternative to current engine technology. Gas analyzers are crucial for this research to reduce the risk of fuel cell contamination and emission levels.

Fuel cell contamination is a serious problem and it is necessary to know which gases are causing the contamination in order to overcome it. A gas analyzer will read the emissions and chart changes in the levels of the component gases so that they may be improved.

Hiden Analytical’s range of gas analyzers is a step above the competition with rapid response time, repeatability, linearity, and a wide dynamic range.


Numerous sectors within the health industry have the need to analyze the compounds in human breath, with human physiology, medicine, and sports science all interested.

The concentration of these compounds can be measured by gas analyzers and give insight of various stressors, diseases, or physiological changes.

Gas analyzers from Hiden Analytical are excellent for this application as they are non-invasive, which is more comfortable for the subject, and have a rapid response, allowing changes to be monitored in real-time.

Gas Separation

Many sectors make use of gas separation technology including the environmental, petrochemical, and gas storage. The separation of CO2 from other atmospheric gases is a key procedure in the efforts to combat climate change amongst other negative effects.

This CO2 can be identified within the atmosphere by gas analyzers and is then separated and stored. Once safely stored it can be treated to develop biogases.

The gas analyzers produced by Hiden Analytical can improve gas separation due to their fast identification routines.

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