Tradeshow Talks with Schneider Electric at ACHEMA 2018

Tradeshow Talk with Schneider ElectricHall 11.0, Booth A3

Could you tell us about Schneider and what you're doing here today?

Schneider Electric is a 170,000 employee, €24 billion company. We operate generally in the energy efficiency business. We have four lines of business that we work with, which is industry, buildings, data centers and grid (energy distribution).

We're here showing the full story of what we believe is the modeling of the Internet of Things, which is a three-layer structure we call EcoStruxure. We have developed all our portfolio towards following this model.

This model is all about connected products on the low-end that interfere with the process, which are HMI, DCS, QFCs - doing baseline control, right up in the running of the plants.

We also have a software layer we call Apps, Analytics & Services. This connects the business to the process, which allows the management of the plant, the management of production, quality management, asset management, production schedule and advisory systems for controlling performance for profitability.

Is there anything in particular that you are promoting?

We are certainly promoting some products; particularly our new Tricon CX, a triple modular redundant, high available security safety PRC.

We also are featuring a Series 7 Gas Chromatograph which is capable of very quickly building online analytics of hydrocarbon products in the process stream.

Finally, we are highlighting a third item: the Profit Advisor, which is a software solution that tries to apply controlled thinking towards profitability. We understand profitability as a controlled problem which you need to measure. Once you measure profitability you can control it.

So what do you think makes you unique in the marketplace?

First of all, we have the full range of energy management within our own hands. So, you could get a control room with all underlying automation, with all the infrastructure in the data center and with the connectivity to all the software solutions that you might need to run your plant in a profitable manner.

We not only deliver products and software, we also deliver consulting and services that enable customers that don’t have the teams and that don’t have the resources to leverage the additional value for the operation.

So it’s all about a solution providing individually suited for the individual scenario on the customer side, which is always different and very individual.


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