Tradeshow Talks with Akrometrix - SEMICON West 2018

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SEMICON West is a world forum for photonics. In this interview AZoM talks to Akrometrix about what products they have on display and what you can expect from them at SEMICON West 2018.

Can you tell us a bit about the company and why you are attending SEMICON West 2018?

We are a thermal warpage and strain metrology company. The business was founded in ’94 by commercializing a technique called shadow moire and integrating it with an oven. Over the years we have added a couple other measurement techniques to expand our capabilities and become the industry leader in thermal warpage and strain metrology. Recently we have introduced a new tool, the TTSM, which is taking our thermal shadow moiré technology and distilling it down into just room temperature measurement.

Can you tell our audience a bit more about the product you have got on the show the benefits it provides and why is it different to anything else on the market?

There are a lot of techniques and companies that do warpage measurement, otherwise known as displacement measurement, but our technology allows us to capture very large area and high density data in less than two seconds. As a result, we can measure real-time warpage during a temperature profile or excursion without having to soak at temperatures for 10s of seconds or more.

What applications and industries will predominantly benefit from this product?

Anyone who is having warpage issues. For example, packaging companies, wafer manufacturers, contract manufacturers that are assembling products will use our tools, and they will use them anywhere from R&D to failure analysis, to QA/QC. We have customers running 3 shifts pulling product off their lines to verify that it is meeting the warpage over temp specs their customers require.

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