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Industry Trends & Future Processing Technology at POWTECH 2019

POWTECH is the leading exhibition for powder and bulk solids technology, providing exposure for advancements in the field and promoting innovation. It will take place between 9th-11th April 2019.

Those passionate about the most up to date advancements in mechanical processing technologies will be inspired by the wide range of exhibitions and speakers at POWTECH 2019, this year held in Nuremberg, Germany. Focusing on powder, granule, and bulk solids technology, the international trade event will present industry-wide trends and provide networking opportunities to establish new contacts and share ideas.

With 891 exhibitors hailing from 31 countries, POWTECH 2016 welcomed over 16,000 trade visitors, firmly cementing its place as a leading trade event for cross-industry professionals; from the chemicals, pharmaceuticals, metal, and food industries in particular.


POWTECH 2019 Highlights

POWTECH 2019 will be home to a vast range of top speakers, exhibitors, and state-of-the-art systems. Some main highlights of the trade event are:

  • The German Powder and Bulk Association Meeting
    The Meeting, running from 3.30pm to 5.00pm on the 10th April, will address questions concerning exports, innovations, and cooperation. DSIV and other bulk solids associations will be present for the discussion, which will cover the available opportunities in the markets in Japan, Spain, and the Netherlands. Also discussed will be the new ideas poised to advance the industry sustainably, and how Brexit will affect sales opportunities in Britain.

  • The Pharma.Manufacturing.Excellence. Forum
    Pharmaceutical experts will benefit from discussions on pharmaceutical excipients and processes. Guided tours in process engineering for professionals in pharmaceuticals are also on offer, to give insight into which components can help to effectively run modern pharmaceutical process plants.

  • The Expert Forum Chemistry + Food
    Organized in cooperation with Konradian-Verlag, the Expert Forum Chemistry + Food will offer discussion on new strategies for a new era of sustainable, “green chemistry”, across procurement, production, and sales. Food Economy 4.0 will give visitors expert information on food safety, new production processes, and more.

POWTECH 2019 Networking Campus

POWTECH 2019 will run from 9 to 11 April at Exhibition Centre Nuremberg across six exhibition halls. New for the 2019 exhibition is the Networking Campus, a think tank for future technologies and markets. Described as a “communication hub,” young researchers, start-up companies, and developers can meet and be part of an interactive program. Consisting of workshops, presentations, and discussions, visitors to the Networking Campus will be able to gain inspiring insight into the future of bulk solids and particle technology.

From 2019, ‘Generation Future’ will gather at the Networking Campus. Innovative solutions for the processing industries are part of POWTECH’s DNA. Through the Networking Campus, we are now creating the missing link between process engineering and the disruptive technologies of the future that are currently turning industry and daily life upside down!

Beate Fischer, Director for POWTECH

Exhibitors, trade visitors, and those using the Networking Campus will all be able to contribute to the daily program offered there, whether it be in the form of a presentation, a workshop, or even a TED-style talk. POWTECH actively encourages discussion and debate, and the Networking Campus will be focusing on two themes, “Future Markets” and “Future Technologies” for 2019.

Additionally, after the Networking Campus presentations and workshops are concluded, the BarCamp presentation series will run, focusing on six topics on the same two themes:

Future Markets

  • Energy storage and energy converters
  • Closed-loop economy
  • Additive manufacturing

Future Technologies

  • Digitalization/digital transformation in the bulk solids segment
  • Human and robot
  • Virtual, augmented mixed reality: opportunities and limitations in bulk solids operations.

Professionals and researchers alike, searching for their next career opportunity, will be able to find openings at the jobs board in the Networking Campus, which even offers ad-hoc interviews along with the chance to make new contacts and discuss exciting advancements in the processing technology field.


Over six exhibition halls, the brightest innovations across the processing industries are presented to researchers, professionals, and those starting in the field. Demonstrations of the latest developments in size reduction, agglomeration, separation, screening, mixing, storing, and conveying will showcase the newest advancements in equipment, machinery, and technology, and visitors will be exposed to networking opportunities, potential career breaks, and the latest, most exciting industry trends.


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