Titanium Alloys - Ti45Nb - Properties and Fabrication

Chemical Formula



This alloy has great compatibility and resistance to ignition in oxygen rich environments compared to commercially pure titanium. The niobium significantly increases the threshold oxygen pressure and process temperature for ignition. Strength is in the medium range, but the elastic modulus is 40% below that of commercially pure titanium and most alloys.

The UNS reference for Ti45Nb is R58450.

Nominal Composition

        Titanium 55wt%

        Niobium 45wt%

Physical Properties



Density g/cm3 (lb/in3)

5.7 (0.206)

Specific Heat J/kg/K (BTU/lb/°F)

427 (0.102)

Thermal Conductivity W/m.K (BTU.ft.h.°F)

10 (5.8)

Co-Efficient of Thermal Expansion 0-100°C/°C (0-212°C/°C) x10-6

9.03 (5.02)

Modulus of Elasticity GPa (ksix103)

62 (9)

Mechanical Properties



Tensile Strength min @ room temp MPa (ksi)

546 (79.2)

Yield Strength min @ room temp MPa (ksi)

480 (69.6)


Ti45Nb is readily fabricated, the simple metallurgy eliminates the need for post welding heat treatment. The alloy is castable by standard investment casting techniques.

Source: Titanium Information Group.

For more information on this source please visit Titanium Information Group.

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