Zinc Oxide ( ZnO ) - Properties and Applications


Zinc oxide occurs naturally as the mineral zincite.

Zinc oxide is for the most part insoluble in water, but is soluble in acids and alkalis.

It exhibits piezoelectric characteristics in thin film form. Such thin films can be deposited by process like sputter deposition. Zinc oxide is also luminescent and light sensitive.


Zinc oxide fins applications in:

        Varistors which are used to prevent voltage surges in devices like mobile phones.

        Pigments in paints. Chinese white is a special grade of white pigment based on zinc oxide.

        A flux in ceramic glazes, where it can also help prevent crazing

        A filler for rubber products

        Coatings for paper

        Sunscreens and sunblocks for the prevention of sunburn due to its ability to absorb ultraviolet light.

Key Properties



Density (g/cm3)


Melting Point (°C)




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