Magnesium Alloys - Naming, Nomenclature and Specifications for Magnesium Alloys


Generally all commercial designations for magnesium alloy grades follow the ASTM system, as defined in the example below, with the following letters used to indicate alloying element.

A – Aluminium

M – Magnesium

E - Rare Earth

Q – Silver

H- Thorium

S – Silicon

K – Zirconium

Z - Zinc

Thus AZ91D = 9 % aluminium, 1% zinc, remainder magnesium and magnesium alloys, with D denoting the fourth registered alloy in this series.


The principal composition specification system that has been adopted for magnesium alloys is the ASTM, viz B-93 for ingot composition and B-94 for cast components. Reference should always be made to the current ASTM standard.


Source: Handbook of Engineering Materials, Vol. 1. 5th Edition.


For more information on this source please visit The institute of Metals and Materials Australasia.


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