Stainless Steel for Cookware and Kitchen Applications

Stainless Steel has long been the first choice of designers, manufacturers and users of cookware through its unique combination of properties that provide highly attractive benefits.

For pots and pans optimum heat transfer is achieved using a bonded Aluminium or Copper base. In the best quality items this base has a ‘sandwich’ construction with the Aluminium or Copper being completely enclosed with Stainless Steel inside and outside.

Advantages for Stainless Steel for Cookware

Both the professional and amateur user value the fact that stainless products do not stain, chip or rust, are robust and do not affect the flavour of the food, plus they are easy to clean and dishwasher safe.  Volume production ensures that high quality finished goods, which with appropriate care can last a life-time, are available at competitive prices.  What’s more, being fully recyclable, stainless steel has good environmental credentials, with most producers making new stainless using a high proportion of recycled scrap.

Why Manufacturers Like to Use Stainless Steel for Cookware

Manufacturers welcome designs in stainless steel as the material is readily formable and weldable as well as being easy to finish with a range of attractive finishes.  They also like the high quality image that stainless steel tends to provide for their products.

All this means that designers enjoy working in stainless knowing that their products will be easy to make, popular amongst buyers and long lasting.

The Increasing Use of Stainless Steel for Kitchen Applications

The popularity of stainless steel in the kitchen, promoted by campaigns throughout the world, such as ‘Stainless Steel Appeal’ ( in the UK, continues to drive growth in world consumption upwards by over 5% per annum.  The last ten years has seen more and more stainless steel appearing in kitchen items from toasters to kettles, ovens to microwaves, dishwashers to washing machines and fridge doors to kitchen cupboards.

Case Study - Camerons Cookware

So when designers come to develop new cookware products it is hardly surprising they think of stainless first.  Some products recently introduced to the UK highlight how stainless steel aids innovative cookware design.  All designed by Chris and Anne Malone of Colorado Springs, USA these products stem from a lifetime interest in cookware and good food.

Cookware Designer Chris Malone said “We developed the Camerons Stovetop Smoker to bring exciting and healthy new flavours to the home stovetop.  The BeerRoaster is our solution to dry, flavourless roast chicken whilst the Multi-Roaster filled an obvious gap in what was available on the market.  I never considered any material other than stainless steel for its excellent combination of properties, the freedom it gives the designer and the ease of manufacture of the products.  These new products have proved very popular in the USA and I hope that UK cooks, chefs and gourmets get as much enjoyment from them.

  • Camerons® Stovetop Smoker® allows you to smoke foods of all types on your own stove.
    • Smoke-cooking is a healthy way to infuse flavour without the use of fats, salts or oils and that means no added calories either.
    • Hot-smoking food retains moisture and natural cooking flavours so foods don't dry out or get tough
    • Smoker also doubles as a steamer, so you really get two great cookers in one product
    • Works well with all meat, seafood, and poultry dishes and it transforms ordinary vegetables into delicious main courses
  • Camerons® Chicken Beer-Roaster® allows you to enjoy a full size fresh broasted chicken indoors or outdoors on your barbeque using your favourite beer, marinade or fruit juice to enhance the flavour.  The vertical design allows reduced fat while maintaining the moisture
  • Camerons® Multi-Roaster® is actually three top quality stainless steel cookware products combined to roast, sauté, casserole and bake your favourite foods
    • The oval 11.5 Litre Roaster, can hold a 20 lb (8.5 kg) Turkey, Large Chicken, or Medium to Large Roast
    • The Aluminium base insert for better heat transfer and no hot spots
    • The bottom can be used as a Sauté Pan or Stock Pot whilst the top can be used as a Sauté Pan, Open Casserole or Serving Tray

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