King Arthur Tools Combine Tungsten Carbide Tools and Chainsaw Technology to Make Hoof Trimming Easier

King Arthur’s Tools introduced Merlin® and Bors® to make hoof trimming a smoother and more economical experience. Merlin and Bors utilize chainsaw technology to present a breakthrough for the hoof trimming industry. The incorporation of a tungsten carbide chainsaw disc into both designs introduces a new technique for hoof trimmers to use. This allows the user to use arms and upper body strength to hold the blade at an angle to the hoof and peel layers away. The already existing labor-intensive chopping motion of current tools is subsequently eliminated. As a result, the new technique that Merlin and Bors utilize drastically reduces fatigue and strain on the wrist.

As new tools introduced into the hoof trimming industry, Merlin and Bors surpass barriers faced by current tools on the market. The inconvenience of sending blades away to be sharpened is eliminated by their new design. The manufacturer is effectively omitted from the blade sharpening process, as the user can effortlessly sharpen the blades of both Merlin and Bors onsite. These are the first tools in the industry that offer the user this high level of convenience.

The Merlin Hoof Trimming Set consists of a miniature long neck angle grinder and three specifically designed accessories for trimming, preparing and finishing hoofs. Bors carbide cutting blade fits standard 4 1/2" (115mm) angle or disc grinders and is designed for use in production on a high volume of hoofs.

The incorporation of chainsaw technology into Merlin® and Bors® is also testament to their superior longevity. Compared to current tools, Bors® has an increased hoof trimming productivity of 800 percent. This increase in productivity is however not offset by higher cost, as the price of Bors® averages out to 2 cents per hoof.


Posted May 23rd, 2005


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