Alumina Refractories - Alumina Bricks, Castables and Gunning Monolithics from Shinagawa Refractories

Shinagawa Refractories Australasia (Shinagawa) has established an enviable reputation for the manufacture and supply of quality refractory and insulating materials to the Australasian, South East Asian and Pacific Rim markets.

Shinagawa Refractories Australasia’s alumina refractory range includes:

  • Alumina bricks – SHIRAL
  • Castable – conventional monolithics – SHIRACAST
  • Gunning Grades – conventional monolithics – SHIRACAST GUN

Alumina Refractory Bricks - SHIRAL

Shinagawa offers a complete range of high quality dry pressed alumina bricks, ranging from 35% to 95% in alumina content. These materials are manufactured with state of the art equipment, including computer controlled hydraulic presses that tightly regulate brick sizing and compaction pressure.

Firing is accomplished in multi-stage kilns to ensure even and accurate burning and consistent properties. Strict quality control standards control brick appearance and inherent variables such as strength, density and porosity. This quality approach serves three product groups in the SHIRAL dry pressed brick line:

        Fired High Alumina Bricks – these are produced from premium grades of alumina’s and bauxite’s and include brick with very low porosity, high strength, high thermal shock resistance and metal slag resistance. Some special grades are manufactured with phosphate bonds or andalusite aggregate for specific applications.

        Chemically bonded High Alumina Bricks – these high alumina, phosphate bonded brick are ideally suited to steel ladle or molten aluminium furnace applications due to their unique chemistry, including special aggregates and additives.

        Superduty and Fireclay Bricks – these lower alumina grades of brick are produced to the same exacting standards as the high alumina grades. These brick exhibit good strength and spall resistance over a range of service conditions and find use in a variety of applications.

Conventional Monolithic – SHIRACAST®

Shinagawa offers a complete range of dense, cement bonded castables. These products, marketed under the SHIRACAST trade name are accurately formulated and blended to give excellent consistency and performance. Carefully selected raw material aggregates, cements and additives provide each material with its special properties and characteristics.

SHIRACAST monolithics are easy to use casting products available over a wide temperature range up to 1850˚C. They are suited to a wide range of general purpose and specific furnace applications and include grades with enhanced abrasion resistance (AR) and other materials exhibiting resistance to aluminium wetting (NW).

Conventional Monolithic – SHIRACAST® GUN

The SHIRACAST GUN group of monolithics utilises specially selected raw materials including specific aggregate sizing, clays, cement and additives to ensure ease of placement by gunning methods. Under standard conditions, these materials do not require pre-wetting or dwelling.

The SHIRACAST GUN range includes standard gunning, enhanced abrasion resistance (AR) gunning and non-wetting to molten aluminium (NW) grades designed to cover the full spectrum of applications and temperatures to 1850˚C.

Source: Shinagawa Refractories Australasia

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