Failure Analysis in Diverse Industries

A gear tooth in a jet engine happens to be an important metal component. When such a component malfunctions as a result of corrosion, this can prove quite dangerous. Similarly, on amusement park rides, when a component becomes weak due to metal wear it can prove equally disastrous. To address such issues, RJ Lee Group carries out a comprehensive metallurgical failure analysis to find out the root cause of failure and then recommends a suitable plan of action to prevent the failure from recurring.

RJ Lee’s expertise can significantly benefit clients as the company is adept in conducting the steps required to detect the source of issue for metal parts at any level, ranging from macrostructure to microstructure. RJ Lee Group employs a number of investigation techniques, including complete visual overview, utilization of sophisticated equipment to analyze the structure and chemical composition, and investigation of surface cracks and fractures, amongst others.

These phased methods help in determining whether stress, corrosion, or a combination of both are accountable for the product failure; whether a welded joint had a processing defect; or whether appropriate materials were employed at the time of development. Through these techniques, RJ Lee Group can assess failures, which manifest at any stage of the product life cycle, like fractures during forming, inclusions during casting, or effects of environment on the end product.

For clients requiring metallurgical failure analysis for issues associated with product development, manufacturing, or process, or clients facing performance issues that can affect a company’s status, RJ Lee Group can assess the root cause and recommend a remedial plan of action.

Exemplar Comparison Eliminates the Cause of Fatal Accident

A manufacturer of airplane engines enlisted the help of RJ Lee Group to inspect the components of a three-decade old engine, which was involved in the accident. The manufacturer wanted to know if mechanical failure was the cause of the airplane crash.

RJ Lee Group examined the retrieved engine components and observed their general condition. With the help of electron and optical microscopy, the engine components as well as the crash carburetor were compared to a standard engine and fuel delivery system. It was noted that wear features and deposits were characteristic of in-service operation. Through metallurgical analysis of the engine parts, it was concluded that mechanical failure was not the cause of the accident.

Analysis of Electronic Device Failure

When an electronic part in a particular vehicle model breaks down, drivers can lose the function of important control systems. Such types of failures can affect a company’s reputation. An expert can easily examine such failures by detecting the root cause of an electronic device failure and then finding out why the device was unable to prevent the breakdown from recurring. Conversely, it has become difficult to determine the root cause of failure because of decreasing feature sizes. This trend is attributed to microelectronics being developed at the nano scale, thus rendering the processes even more complex. The experts at RJ Lee Group are aware of the technologies and devices used in latest consumer products; they examine the raw materials and provide a comprehensive device failure analysis.

Sophisticated sample preparation methods and instruments are used by RJ Lee Group to carry out destructive compositional and physical analysis by utilizing TEM, SEM, and optical microscopy to detect thin film, metallization, and circuit problems. In order to characterize residual surface films, XPS, SEM and FTIR can be used.


RJ Lee Group’s failure analysis lab features a range of electron microscopy and spectroscopy techniques that are important in failure analysis. The company’s capabilities include microscopy, full-service metallography laboratory, surface analysis, chemical analysis, welding analysis, filler metal selection, corrosion, and non-destructive evaluations. For almost three decades, RJ Lee Group’s experts have been doing investigations on electronic devices. Hence, customers can rest assured that right techniques and instruments will be used to conduct root cause failure analysis on devices.

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