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UNS C60600 to C64400 belongs to aluminum bronze category of copper alloys.

UNS C63020 is a nickel aluminum bronze that is known to possess extra high strength than other similar varieties.

Copper UNS C63020 has good creep resistance, high electrical and thermal conductivity, high impact strength, high ductility, ease of welding, and minimal volatility under high vacuum.

This alloy is used in areas requiring extra high strength and hardness with certain amount of ductility and toughness. The extra high strength provides it extreme wear resistance for heavy loads, abrasive wear resistance, and high impact landings.

The following datasheet discusses the chemical composition and properties of copper UNS C63020.

Chemical Composition

The chemical composition of copper UNS C63020 is given in the following table.

Element Content (%)
Copper, Cu 74.5 Min
Aluminum, Al 10-11
Iron, Fe 4-5.5
Nickel, Ni 4.2-6
Manganese, Mn 1.5
Zinc, Zn 0.3
Tin, Sn 0.25
Lead, Pb 0.03

Mechanical Properties

The mechanical properties of copper UNS C63020 are tabulated below.

Properties Metric Imperial
Tensile strength 621-1200 MPa 90-174 ksi
Yield strength 345-517 MPa 50-75 ksi
Elongation 30-9% 30-9%
Hardness, Brinell 140-240 140-240

Other Designations

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Other designations that are equivalent to copper UNS C63020 include:

  • ASTM B150
  • ASTM B315
  • ASTM B150
  • AMS 4590
  • ASTM B150
  • ASTM B315


Copper UNS C63020 finds application in several sectors:

  • Automotive sector - bearings, forming roll bearings, and off-highway truck bushings
  • Industrial sector - shafting, cryogenics, hydraulic bushings for earth moving equipment, cams, valve balls, and drill guide bushings
  • Military sector - tank track bearings, bushings, and aircraft components
  • Oil and gas sector - bushings, washers, rock bit bearings, BOP parts, wellhead components
  • Aerospace sector - strut bushings and landing gear parts
  • Marine sector - pump parts and bushings

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