Angela Betsaida B. Laguipo

Angela Betsaida B. Laguipo

Feature Writer

BSN Registered Nurse

Angela is a nurse by profession and a writer by heart. She graduated with honors (Cum Laude) for her Bachelor of Nursing degree at the University of Baguio, Philippines. She is currently completing her Master's Degree where she specialized in Maternal and Child Nursing and worked as a clinical instructor and educator in the School of Nursing at the University of Baguio.

Angela’s a passionate student who wants to excel in all types of writing, including handling posts in her college and university newspapers. She juggled writing and her studies way back in college.

Though she loved nursing as a profession, working as the school nurse in the same university she graduated from for six years, she decided to pursue her passion for writing. Since 2013, she wrote for various clients but focused more on health articles and medical health news, since it’s her forte and expertise.

For the past five years, she covered various topics ranging from medical, health, and science. She has written high-quality and well-researched content for a number of Science related media journals.

Her expertise in the medical and life sciences stems from her medical background as a nurse and her wide knowledge of health topics. Angela loves to research and come up with exciting yet informative articles that are easy to read and understand. She makes sure all her articles are simple but high-quality. Her focus is geared toward creating articles for all types of readers to understand.

She has been trained to write medical articles that can help not only healthcare professionals but other people who want to learn more about a disease or a health problem. She believes that everyone has the right to learn about health and its importance.

Since 2013, she has worked on many projects, from copywriting to medical writing, to creating blogs, e-books, and editorials. She is a full-time mother-of-three and a freelance health writer. Despite not practicing her profession in the healthcare setting, she is happy that she can somehow impart her knowledge and research skills to her readers, from all walks of life.

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