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Machining And Machine-Tools: Research And Development

Machining And Machine-Tools: Research And Development

  • Includes high quality articles that include full research articles, review articles and cases studies with a special emphasis on research and development in machining and machine-tools
  • Considers the performance characteristics of machine tools and the considerable development of existing and new processes and machines
  • Includes subject matter which is significant for many important centres of research and universities worldwide
  • Is written by highly knowledgeable and well-respected experts in the field
  • Relevant and diverse subjects covered throughout

This book is the third in the Woodhead Publishing Reviews: Mechanical Engineering Series, and provides excellent quality articles such as review articles, case studies and full research articles with an added emphasis on research and development in machine-tools and machining. Machining and machine tools is an essential subject with applications in a number of industries. Parts manufactured by other processes often need additional operations before the product is ready for application. Traditional machining is the broad term used for describing removal of material from a work piece, and covers chip formation operations including: turning, milling, drilling and grinding. Lately the industrial utilization of non-traditional machining processes such as EDM (electrical discharge machining), LBM (laser-beam machining), AWJM (abrasive water jet machining) and USM (ultrasonic machining) has increased. The performance characteristics of machine tools and the considerable development of present and new processes, and machines, are considered. Nowadays, in Europe, USA, Japan and countries with emerging economies machine tools is a sector with great technological evolution.

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