DSX110 Inverted Microscope from Evident

Evident’ DSX110 inverted microscope features dedicated field lenses to offer high-grade imaging. The three specially manufactured 1X, 3.6X, and 10X lenses ensure uniform light intensity, long working distances, controlled aberration, and high NA. The Evident’ high-performance CCD provides 18MP images of high resolution.

The DSX110 is designed with optical zoom of up to 16X and digital zoom of up to 30X. It also provides a wide magnification range comprising a 16X wide zoom range as well as a total magnification of 7X to 1071X with dedicated 10X lens.

Macro maps automatically record complete field of view images in an independent macro window. The free-angle function allows the zoom head to be tilted to adjust the viewing angle without affecting the sample. A strong frame with a low center of gravity provides additional stability when tilting the head.

The flexible LED ring light allows illumination control, thereby making defects and scratches easy to identify. The reflection of the LED illumination ring is controlled by the polarized lighting to ensure clear observation of samples.

DSX110 Inverted Microscope

Mounted substrate
Fractured metal surface
High-performance CCD
Zoom in on the sample
Free-Angle Function - Angled Viewing with No Need to Touch the Sample
Macro Map - Always Know the Location
Flexible LED Ring Light Makes Scratches and Defects Easy to See
Polarized Lighting Controls LED Unit Reflection
HDR - High-Definition Visuals Beyond the Human Eye
A click removes problems caused by different contrast by materials
Inspection is easier when you can highlight possible defects or contamination for inspection
Repeatability - Easily Recall Any Inspection (Observation) Setting

The DSX110 consists of a universal stand and a transmitted illumination base to hold samples of larger sizes. Using the color enhancement feature, the required area of the sample can be viewed in color and rest in black and white, allowing easy identification of defects.

The high dynamic range (HDR) function integrates many images taken at varied exposures to precisely correct brightness differences on the sample surface, thereby providing a more stable and accurate sample version. WiDER, a proprietary image processing unit, assists in overcoming high-contrast issues with a single click. The Best image function provides optimal images, regardless of surface characteristics, foreign materials, and defects.

Capturing 3D Images or Full-Focus Images

The Extended Focal Image (EFI) capability enables a clear, in-focus image with a single click. It combines several images by moving the point of focus up and down, ensuring precise detection of uneven surfaces.

The DSX110’s ability to capture 3D images allows measurement of sample features, volume and height differences. The larger portion of samples can be captured rapidly using live panorama. High quality and high value-added images can be obtained through automatic stitching of images.

Manual panorama facilitates real-time image stitching of the desired area of the sample within a short period of time. High quality panorama capability can be combined with EFI and 3D image capturing. Various registered points in the images can be automatically captured using programmed recipe function.

Optimal Measurements

The basic industrial microscope measurement capabilities are featured in DSX110 software, which makes it easy to achieve optimal results. The DSX110 also includes optional software for particle analysis, caliper measurement, and 3D measurement.

Report Generation

The DSX110 allows automatic generation of reports while enabling operators to focus on measurement, observation, and image capture. With a scaling factor specification, the EVIDENT Stream reports can be easily printed.

Key Features

The main features of the DSX110 inverted microscope are:

  • Customized field lenses for high-grade imaging
  • No blackouts or glare
  • High-resolution 18MP images reproduced with high-performance CCD
  • Easy to recall any inspection setting
  • Wide zoom and magnification range allows closer sample examination
  • Free-angle function provides angled viewing without disturbing the samples
  • Macro map automatically records full field of view image in an individual macro window
  • Best image function ensures optimal images
  • Flexible LED ring light allows easy identification of defects and scratches
  • Maximum performance achieved due to flexible configuration
  • Polarized lighting assists in controlling LED unit reflection
  • HDR function provides consistently accurate sample rendition
  • Color enhancement feature allows detection of a particular defect
  • EFI provides a clear, in-focus image of a complete sample
  • Live Panorama function images large areas of sample quickly
  • Programmed recipes automatically capture independent points of images
  • DSX110 software offers optimal measurement results
  • Easy report generation

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