Non-Contacting Video Extensometer - AVE 2 from Instron

AVE 2 is the second generation of Instron’s popular Advanced Video Extensometer, which utilizes patented measurement technology in the fastest and most accurate non-contacting strain measurement device commercially available.

  • Complies with the most rigorous testing standards, including ISO 6892-1 and ASTM E8 for metals and ISO 527-2 and ASTM D638 for plastics
  • Avoids premature damage to the specimen by measuring strain without touching for the most exact results
  • Removes the effect of operators on strain results; generating more reliable and repeatable results
  • Measures strain in difficult applications, including at low and high temperatures, or on materials submerged in a fluid bath
  • Measures strain through failure on composites or steel without requiring a costly repair
  • Measures modulus and strain to failure for virtually any material, including plastics, composites, metals, and elastomers
  • Captures rapid events at up to 490 Hz while still obtaining full accuracy
  • New operators can be trained quickly with the simple and intuitive controls combined directly into Bluehill® Universal software
  • Can be used on any Instron® systems (past and present), as well as non-Instron systems that accept a ± 0-10 V analog input
  • Compare your finite element model to real life data using the optional Digital Image Correlation (DIC) software

Same Results in Any Lab

  • When measuring microns, even the smallest impact can result in big errors. To generate the most accurate and repeatable results, the AVE 2 uses patented technology to minimize environmental influence on the test results.
  • Same lighting conditions will not be present in each and every lab, and lighting can vary all through the day, which can produce different results. To guarantee the AVE 2 sees the same image at all times, Instron uses a patented cross-polarized lighting system (US 7,047,819 B2, EP 1,424,547, B1) that is capable of producing repeatable results irrespective of the your lab’s lighting conditions.
  • Standard laboratory ventilation creates air flows which diffract light, leading to errors that can go as high as several microns. The AVE 2 uses patented CDAT fans (US 7,610,815 B2, and EP 1,424,547, B1) which produce a constant air-flow between the camera and the specimen, producing dependable results even if the air conditioner turns on during a test.

Fatigue and Cyclic Applications

  • The second generation of the AVE 2 can be configured for cyclic testing using the newest 8800MT dynamic controller and WaveMatrix™ software
A Revolution in Strain Measurement: Instron AVE 2 Non-Contacting Video Extensometer

Non-Contacting Video Extensometer - AVE 2

Non-Contacting Video Extensometer - AVE 2 - Picture 1
Non-Contacting Video Extensometer - AVE 2 - Picture 2
Non-Contacting Video Extensometer - AVE 2 - Picture 3
Non-Contacting Video Extensometer - AVE 2 - Picture 4
Non-Contacting Video Extensometer - AVE 2 - Picture 5

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