Autosampler for Spinsolve Benchtop NMR Spectrometers

Integrating the new autosampler with a Spinsolve NMR Spectrometer can significantly increase the throughput of sample measurements. The new, fully automated autosampler carousel is compatible with all Spinsolve models.

The Spinsolve Autosampler

The new and fully automated Spinsolve autosampler carousel offers users some very useful features.

  • Full control from the Spinsolve software
  • Protocols for sample analysis are all easy to configure
  • Affordable and robust 
  • 20 slots for 5 mm NMR tubes
  • Easy to mount and compatible with all existing Spinsolve models

The intuitive autosampler software interface is fully integrated into the Spinsolve software, and protocols for individual samples can be added to the queue with just one click. Users can easily add and remove samples from a queue, even when the queue is running. The queue can also be modified at any time, allowing users to change the order in which the samples will be measured. Data is displayed for experiments that are completed and for those still running, giving users up to date information on all of their samples.

Autosampler for Spinsolve Models


Autosampler for Spinsolve Models


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