Multi Instrument Calibrator: MIC-6

The Thermo Scientific™ MIC-6 Multi Instrument Calibrator excellently complements the industry leading Thermo Scientific™ TVA2020 Toxic Vapor Analyzer to save time and enhance accuracy to optimize LDAR compliance monitoring.

The instrument features the ability to calibrate up to (6) TVA2020 Toxic Vapor Analyzers automatically. It can even manually calibrate portable field analyzers from any other manufacturers.

MIC-6 Multi Instrument Calibrator.

MIC-6 Multi Instrument Calibrator. Thermo Fisher Scientific – Environmental and Process Monitoring Instruments 


  • Enhances accuracy and saves time without any ongoing software fees
  • Up to (6) legacy TVA1000Bs or other similar instruments can be calibrated in manual mode
  • Up to (6) TVA2020s can be calibrated in automatic mode
  • Automatic application of zero gas and five more span gases
  • Calibration records and drift assessments are captured electronically

The Thermo Scientific MIC-6 features two calibration modes—auto and manual. The auto mode has been developed mainly for the TVA2020, and the manual mode can help calibrate up to six legacy TVA1000B or other similar analyzers, thereby avoiding the need to use Tedlar bags or similar gas delivery systems.

While performing calibration, each span gas, beginning with zero air, is sent to the instruments in increasing concentration. The gases are reintroduced to the instruments instantly after calibration to verify the calibration and set the reference point for the drift check.

The calibrator can carry out an automatic or manual drift check of the instruments. In auto drift check mode, the calibrator performs a comparison of the latest calibration data with the existing instrument reading and gives the percent difference.

It is essential to enter the calibration gas tank information into the calibrator to carry out the automated features. The MIC-6 makes use of the tank information, particularly the expiration date, to warn the user if the tank is due to expire within a month of the expiration date.

In addition, the MIC-6 includes a calibration precision data entry screen for storing the concentration readings and response time needed for the quarterly calibration precision audit.

The MIC-6 features adequate memory to store daily calibration and drift data worth six years on more than 100 instruments. Since the data is stored in the order it is received in memory, the possibility of postdating entries is prevented.

Users can download the data stored in the internal memory through a USB memory device or with a user-supplied Bluetooth connection in a .CSV format.


Video Credit: Thermo Fisher Scientific – Environmental and Process Monitoring Instruments

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