APIX/APIMS ΔQ and APIX/APIMS Quattro™ Ultra High Purity (UHP) Electronic Gas Analyzers

The Thermo Scientific™ APIX/APIMS δQ and APIX/APIMS Quattro™ Ultra High Purity (UHP) range features electronic gas analyzers capable of performing continuous measurements of contaminants, such as oxygen and water, to single-digit ppt levels.

The gas analyzers are an affordable alternative to the traditional quality control methods, thus enabling monitoring of each bulk gas for an array of possible contaminants, while successfully lowering the detection limits nearly 100 times better than any other technology.

  • Displays excellent sensitivity with capability for lower detection of less than 10 ppt
  • Enables automated switching and calibration
  • Dependable and completely automatic system offered for online quality control
  • Quicker online measurements, taking less than 5 seconds for a complete analysis
  • Operates on industry-standard communications protocol for plant integration and control

Recommended for

  • UHP Argon
  • UHP Hydrogen
  • UHP Nitrogen
  • UHP Helium


Image Credit: ThermoFisher Scientific 

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