AutoFLEX: Seamless Flow. Effortless Control.

Empower your oil and gas operations with the Thermo Scientific™ AutoFLEX, the leading electronic flow computer. Benefit from its seamless SCADA integration and real-time data insights for informed maintenance decisions, saving millions annually on lost productivity and repairs. Swiftly optimize processes and ensure uptime with versatile gas and liquid calculations.

Experience enhanced productivity and efficiency throughout your workflow. With AutoFLEX, making better decisions and unlocking cost savings has never been easier.


  • Smooth SCADA Integration
  • Versatile gas and liquid calculations
  • Real-time I/O Health Insights

Flawless Integration

Experience flawless integration with AutoFLEX, effortlessly integrating into your current measurement and control systems. Benefit from streamlined SCADA connections, single-click MODBUS mapping, and pre-mapped peripheral connectivity, enhancing operational efficiency without the need for extensive training.

Operational Agility

Embrace operational agility with AutoFLEX's small form factor and versatile calculations for gas and liquid. Real-time data measurement, monitoring, control, and analysis enable swift responses to changing conditions. Thermo Fisher does all the work to customize configurations to suit your specific needs, from wellhead to pipeline to distribution.

Maximum Uptime

Maximize uptime with AutoFLEX's robust communication monitoring. Stay informed with I/O health updates for crucial performance insights. Benefit from surge protection for hazard-free operations, reducing costly downtime. Bluetooth 5.1 extends the monitoring range, ensuring safety and reliable communication even in challenging environments.

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