Measure CO with 48iQ Carbon Monoxide Gas Analyzer

Users can avail 24/7 access to their analyzer’s data with a Thermo Scientific™ iQ Series Gas Analyzer. The iQ Series Gas Analyzers are programmed to record and improve over time while reducing troubleshooting time with an extremely accurate, yet rugged solution.

While measuring the amount of carbon monoxide (CO) in ambient air using the gas filter correlation method, the Thermo Scientific™ 48iQ CO monitoring analyzer delivers the same performance level to identify carbon monoxide poisoning.


Users can explore the never-ending intelligence of the iQ Series Gas Analyzers since problems can be forecast and avoided. The next-generation gas analyzer design from Thermo Scientific™ contains the following features:

Predictive Diagnostics

Optimized serviceability and plug-and-play parts help to prevent problems beforehand. Thanks to the novel, interchangeable DMC modules in an extremely precise, yet robust approach, users can enjoy 24/7 access to their analyzer data while reducing troubleshooting time.

Proactive Communications

The iQ360 and email updates help maintain optimum performance. When users subscribe to the iQ360 service, their instrument communicates directly with Thermo Scientific™ technical support staff when an alert is triggered. The technical assistance team creates a correction plan and sends it to the customer’s employees by email.

The iQ Series Gas Analyzers enable users to prevent surprises and take control of their day.

Personal Device Connectivity

The iQ companion mobile device app now facilitates continuous remote monitoring in real time. The iQ app offers remote monitoring of iQ gas analyzers, easy ways to get in touch with users, and quick access to maintenance updates and product documentation.

Video Credit: Thermo Fisher Scientific – Environmental and Process Monitoring Instruments

Video Credit: Thermo Fisher Scientific – Environmental and Process Monitoring Instruments

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