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Lockheed Martin Receives Aircraft Contract From Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Valued At $130 Million

Lockheed Martin has received a contract from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) valued at over $130 million to manufacture components for six additional F-2 production aircraft.

MHI is the prime contractor for the F-2, Japan's long-range, highly maneuverable support fighter. "The F-2 remains very relevant to Japan's defense," said James Shidler, Lockheed Martin's F-2 program director. "We are thankful to MHI and the Japan Defense Agency for another year of production, and we are committed to applying Lockheed Martin's resources in support of maximizing the F-2's flexible capabilities."

This new award brings the total aircraft under contract to 71. Lockheed Martin is producing components for 65 F-2 aircraft from those orders initiated under the seven previous contracts.

The company will continue to provide all the aft fuselages, wing leading-edge flaps and stores management systems; 80 percent of all left-hand wing boxes; and other avionics and avionics support equipment. Lockheed Martin components are shipped to MHI's Komaki-South facility in Nagoya, Japan, where they are assembled by MHI with other components to form the F-2.

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