Uniboard from Dotmar Engineering Plastics for Construction Market

Dotmar Engineering Plastics’ “Uniboard” technology is set to make a splash in the Australia and New Zealand construction market.

Uniboard is a lightweight, enhanced-polymer material that combines the benefits of plywood, marine ply, MDF and craft wood with the low weight and water resistance of plastics.

Uniboard: a lightweight, enhanced-polymer material

The product has been billed as “the ultimate replacement for traditional construction materials”; its polymer structure lends itself to an extremely wide range of possible applications, such as retail shop fittings, horse floats, golf course signage and message display boards.

Uniboard’s solid skin provides added rigidity and strength, while its foamed core reduces the weight of the material by up to 50% compared to other water-soaked materials. This closed cell structure also prevents water absorption, meaning that it is excellent for indoor and outdoor use.

On the other hand, plywood - as a manufactured wood made from multiple layers of thin sheets - absorbs water and can in turn swell, crack and become unglued. Though plywood is light when dry, wet plywood is much heavier and more difficult to work with - it can weigh up to 40kg per sheet, while the Uniboard Eco is only about 22Kg per sheet. This is a weight difference of around 18kg, or almost 50%.

When compared to timber sheet and other materials, Uniboard has a variety of advantages which make this high-end material vastly superior. Not only is it lightweight and water-resistant, its excellent screw retention, flexibility and machinability make it virtually indestructible, reducing ongoing maintenance costs. Uniboard is also easily cleaned, graffiti- and parasite-resistant and is suitable for export applications subject to fumigation.

Additionally, the Uniboard sizes offered by Dotmar allow any shop fitter, cabinet maker or boat builder to choose a thickness that will best suit their application.

Uniboard Eco is manufactured from recycled plastic in high-density polyethylene used in applications such as sound barrier panels and animal enclosures. Uniboard Standard is a virgin Polypropylene (PP) with 15% mineral re-enforcement and is suited for applications such as caravan flooring and skateboard ramps.

Source: http://www.dotmar.co.nz/


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