Quaker Debuts Environmentally Friendly Coolant for Machining Aluminum Alloys

The Aerospace industry faces complex challenges from the development of innovative next-generation aircraft programs to increasing demand for improved quality control and performance. Quaker Chemical, a global leader in metalworking process fluids, continually supports customers in meeting industry challenges with high-performance fluids.

To meet these challenges, Quaker has introduced QUAKERCOOL® 7000 ALF BAF, a European approved machining and grinding coolant, to the U.S. aerospace industry. QUAKERCOOL® 7000 ALF BAF is an environmentally friendly water soluble coolant designed for the machining of aluminum alloys and has new technology that is boron-free and amine-free.

After an aerospace supplier requested that QUAKERCOOL® 7000 ALF BAF, a metalworking fluid historically used in Europe, be sampled and tested for use in the U.S. market, Quaker faced a challenge to make the product compliant with the U.S. Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) while maintaining global availability. However, Quaker's team of U.S. and European chemists successfully adapted this advanced technology to meet both U.S. and European aerospace industry requirements.

Through the collaborative effort, QUAKERCOOL® 7000 ALF BAF is now available in the U.S. The technology is preferred for aluminum alloys used in the aerospace industry. The coolant has low alkalinity properties that aid in the prevention of staining the aluminum and tested successfully for the machining of a large population of aerospace aluminum alloys. The QUAKERCOOL® 7000 ALF BAF also passed a customer's stain testing on a classified alloy. The product provides excellent wetting abilities resulting in high cutting performance, microbiological growth control without biocide addition, and provides cleanliness on tools and machines with good detergency.

Quaker also offers other approved machining and grinding coolants such as QUAKERCOOL® 6010 ND to the Aerospace industry.

Source: http://www.quakerchem.com

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