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Clariant Introduces Neosan Lucido Pigment Range for Leather Industry

Clariant, a world leader in specialty chemicals, makes the impossible possible for tanners worldwide with its launch of Neosan® Lucido – pioneering pigments with a behavior similar to dyes.

Neosan Lucido – the new dimension in transparent pigments. (Photo: Clariant)

Based on a nanotechnology type of pigment dispersion, new Neosan Lucido delivers a breakthrough for the leather industry by bringing two different worlds into one unique innovation. The result: finished leathers that look and retain their natural characteristics.

Clariant’s Neosan Lucido is a range of fine particle pigments in an aqueous dispersion that combines the very high transparency of dyestuffs with the excellent light- and migration- fastness of pigments. Offering similar application behavior to finishing dyes, leathers display a consistent, equalized surface finish without the covering effect of pigments and with no highlighting of defects.

Exclusive Neosan Lucido pigments bring a new dimension of brilliant colors in pure aqueous finishing to fashion and performance leathers. Tanners can take advantage of the widest range of colors, including brown tones, and higher color strength than existing available products to create an exceptional intensity in highly fashionable and brilliant shades, together with the elegant appearance required for classical articles. As pure aqueous dispersions, Neosan Lucido contain no NMP, NEP or Phthalates.

In addition to its outstanding package of properties and aesthetics, Neosan Lucido pigments are very efficient, with as little as 10 – 25 g/l required, depending on the chosen shade, to achieve desired color intensity.

The pigment range is easy and versatile to use in both anionic and cationic finishing processes. They are suitable for staining coats, polishing coats, base coats, top coats and effect applications. Neosan Lucido pigments can be used, for example, to add a particular nuance to shoes and bags, or in a top coat in combination with a base pigment to achieve brilliancy for automotive and furniture leathers. The pigments are compatible with the Pelcroma® computer color matching system of Clariant.

“Neosan Lucido generates the look you get from a finishing aniline dye with the performance level of a pigment; an achievement inspired by an initial market request for low VOC aniline type vivid colorants. Finishing Systems tinted with Neosan Lucido result in highly fashionable leather articles with great sales appeal. We are proud to have created a truly unique, more ecological and versatile pigment range, which is a further step into a more sustainable world of leather finishing.” comments Ralph Schneider Head of Product Management Finishing.

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