2018 WPO (World Packaging Organization) Board Meetings Was Held in Jinan

Hosted by China National Export Commodities Packaging Research Institute (CEPI), Shandong Institute for Product Quality Inspection and Labthink Instruments Co., Ltd, WPO (World Packaging Organization) 101st Board Meetings were held in Jinan, China from October 22 to October 26, 2018. 35 packaging specialists from 30 board member countries of WPO including Australia, Austria, Brazil, China, Croatia, Czech, Finland, Indonesia, Nigeria, South Africa, Turkey, UK and USA, etc. attended in the meetings and related events and held a discussion with global packaging specialists on the development of packaging industry.

During the same period of WPO Board Meetings, there were a series of events including 2018 International Green Packaging Development Summit Forum on October 23, 2018, WorldStar review meeting on October 24, 2018, WPO Board Meeting on October 25, 2018.

We are so proud of what our board member, CEPI did for the meetings and events and many thanks for the contribution of Labthink to the healthy development of global packaging industry. It is the obligation of WPO to provide better life to more people through better packaging and that’s why we get together to discuss about the strategy for the development of packaging industry. It is introduced that the key subject of the press conference was "Function of packaging in reducing food waste and poverty & how to use packaging education as a tool to achieve those goals". From the perspective of science and technology as well as process and marketing, WPO has the obligation to provide training to specialists and promote the development of packaging industry. Packaging education, especially in developing countries, is the main way by which we may fulfill those objectives. As the leading enterprise in packaging testing industry, Labthink is in favor of WPO’s global packaging education programme.

Pierre Pienaar, President, WPO

In the past 5 years, packaging education programme has made a lot of achievements including a large number of packaging specialists with professional expertise and WorldStar prize winners. 2019 WordStar review meetings will be held in Jinan, China.

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