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Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle Brings Industrial Production Power to the Office

Ultimaker, the global leader in desktop 3D printing, today unveiled the Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle. The Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle consists of the award-winning Ultimaker S5, the new Ultimaker S5 Air Manager and Ultimaker S5 Material Station, which seamlessly integrate with each other. This unique solution is tested to be left unattended 24/7 and significantly improves the 3D printing workflow and productivity, giving engineers the flexibility to spend more time on doing their best job and less time managing and monitoring their desktop 3D printer.

The Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle transforms professional workflows through automated material management, boosting productivity, flexibility and confidence to unlock more industrial focused applications.

Ultimaker S5 Air Manager

The Ultimaker S5 Air Manager provides a closed, inside-out air flow for the Ultimaker S5, leading to a better controlled environment inside the printer and filters out 95 percent of all ultrafine particles created while printing. This reduction enables a wider range of materials to safely print with and results in a safer work environment as it creates an effective physical barrier that stops anyone touching hot or moving parts. It offers professionals peace of mind when printing, while reducing the risk of print interruptions.

Ultimaker S5 Material Station

The Ultimaker S5 Material Station redefines filament storage and delivery, enabling a true 24/7 dual extrusion workflow that supports higher productivity and consistency of the 3D printing output. The Ultimaker S5 Material Station allows users to load filament spools – including glass and carbon fiber composites – in 6 bays that have abrasive-resistant pre-feeders. Constant supervision is no longer needed, and material can easily be uploaded at the front of the printer in seconds, not minutes. Silica gel extracts moisture and automatically regenerates, keeping the fully enclosed chamber below 40 percent relative humidity – even in outside conditions of up to 70 percent humidity.

Ultimaker S5

The Ultimaker S5, launched in April 2018, forms the heart of this future-ready solution. With its highly reliable print results, larger build volume, and award-winning, intuitive touch interface, the Ultimaker S5 is still the ultimate professional solution for printing larger functional prototypes, manufacturing tools, and end-use parts.

The Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle truly embodies the meaning of hassle-free 3D printingOur goal is to make 3D printing easy, reliable and accessible in order to accelerate the world’s transition to digital distribution and local manufacturing. We have heard many professional users express a need for a more enclosed 3D printing environment and we understand the desire for good, dry material storage and smart material handling in order to reduce the risks of humidity, dust and human error. The Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle tackles it all and completes our vision of the ultimate office 3D printing experience. This solution enables users to take their 3D printing applications to a new level of quality and consistency, with greater flexibility, efficiency and confidence.

Paul Heiden, Senior Vice President of Product Management, Ultimaker

The inclusion of the Ultimaker S5 Air Manager and Ultimaker S5 Material Station with the successful Ultimaker S5 is another step toward taking additive manufacturing into production environments. The additional functionality will allow engineering materials, such as those of DSM, to be printed more safely and consistently. This will bring additive manufacturing technology within reach of many more players and help us manufacture tomorrow.

Hugo da Silva, VP Additive Manufacturing, DSM

The Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle is an excellent new product that enables more reliable production of 3D printed parts. Our 3D printing materials are dedicated to industrial applications. This means consistent quality of both materials and printing processes are essential. As a material producer, we are especially excited about the Ultimaker S5 Material Station, which reduces environmental influences on materials.

Thomas Collet, Director Marketing - Business Unit Customized Polymer Materials, Lehmann&Voss&Co.

At BASF, we develop engineering materials for additive manufacturing to enable industrial solutions. Whether you’re on a shop floor, R&D lab, or an office, a safe environment is key. The added value of the Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle is the ability to manage a material’s environment during printing, and we have experienced first-hand the influence moisture uptake and airflow can have on the mechanical properties of a printed part. These new solutions are great additions to enable industrial applications with FFF printing.

Roger Sijlbing, Sales Manager, BASF Additive Manufacturing

Availability and Pricing

The Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle costs 9.100 USD / 8.685 Euros and is available starting October 18, 2019 through Ultimaker’s network of global partners. Updated third-party material print profiles for the Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle will be made available in the Marketplace in Ultimaker Cura. For more information and pricing, please visit our product page or read our blog post.

Ultimaker S3

Ultimaker continues to lead the desktop 3D printing market in innovation and reliability. The company also launched its Ultimaker S3 offering today, an affordable desktop 3D printer with composite-ready performance and an efficiently small footprint to fit easily on any desktop.

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