Advantages of Geared Metering Pumps in Industrial Processing

Geared metering pumps are a viable alternative for many different industries. This article addresses some aspects of their design, operation and benefits.

Gear Metering Pumps

Gear metering pumps are often used in situations requiring positive displacement of fluid media. They are capable of handling low to high viscosities. They use meshed gears to displace a constant quantity of pulseless fluid with each rotation.

The fluid fills the cavity between the pump housing and gear teeth. As the gears rotate inside the housing, they generate pressure, moving the fluid like a water wheel. The gear teeth displace a fixed volume of fluid, and can be used to quantitatively measure fluid throughput.

Advantages of Gear Pumps

Gear pumps are preferred for a variety of reasons. They enable accurate control of the volumetric output of fluid across a broad range of flow rates.

A  Mahr gear pump can reliably create pulseless, exact flow pressures up to 5,000psi, and has the ability to pump very thick fluids with viscosities of 500,000 cP or more. It also reduces product shearing throughout the pumping process.

Geared Metering Pumps vs. Regular Pumps

A geared metering pump is often superior to other types of pumps, such as piston pumps, progressive cavity pumps, etc. One major advantage is that gear pumps have tighter pumping tolerances, which result in enhanced accuracy in shot dosing or continuous pulseless stream dispensing.

Another advantage is that their alloy metal construction promotes longer pump life and higher operating temperatures; they are also capable of handling a wide range of abrasive or corrosive raw materials.

Lastly, they provide the benefit of sustained linear flow during variations in operating conditions from temperatures, pressures, and drive speeds.


Gear metering pumps provide a number of distinct advantages, and are often used in high-value applications in the food, pharmaceutical, packaging, textile and non-woven’s, aerospace & aviation, and personal care products.

About Mahr Metering

Founded in 1861, Mahr is an international privately owned German corporation with global operations. Throughout the years the name Mahr has stood for, quality, innovation, and engineering excellence. The Charlotte, NC office has served the North American Pump and automated metering systems market directly since 1983.  Our pumps (Previously manufactured under the Feinpreuf brand name) are still manufactured in Germany and our automated systems are manufactured in the USA.

Mahr Metering Systems Precision Gear Pumps and Metering Pump Systems is the brand of first choice where metered precision, durability in extreme conditions, and long production life are required. Because of Mahr's broad spectrum of metering pumps, they are found in virtually every field of manufacturing.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Mahr Metering.

For more information on this source, please visit Mahr Metering.


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