Continuous Mixing With Integration Metering vs Manual Batch Mixing

Customers may often face the question of whether to stay with their present manual batch mixing operation, or switch to an automated continuous meter, mix and dispense process.  While both operations offer distinct advantages, it is important to assess the cost of human error on the manual side.

Manual Batch Mixing

Manual batch mixing offers some advantages. It is the most common form of mixing and blending, and allows some control over ingredient quantities. Individual batches can be combined until the desired homogeneity is achieved.

However, batch mixing processes are labour intensive, and over-mixing can sometimes affect batch quality. Moreover, any mis-matching between the batch size and total required output may result in unused product which in many cases requires hazardous waste removal.

Also, any off-ratio issues in a batch are noticed only after the batch has been mixed. Through manual ingredient mixing, the recipe will rarely be consistent, creating quality control issues along with bad batches that cost processing facility time, money, and ingredients.

Continuous Mixing

Mahr’s meter mix dispense systems offer an efficient approach to producing high quality plural component mixes. This integrated, self-monitoring system is fully automatic, with on-line data capture and touch-screen control. It produces accurate, on-ratio mixtures +/- 1%, and is capable of mixing a variety of raw materials including liquids into powder on demand.

The machine is also compact, offers low shear mixing, and can be easily reprogrammed for future production changes. It has the ability to meter the product directly from source (such as can, barrel, tote, drum, etc.) and thus eliminates waste. Moreover, the final homogenous mixture is available on demand. Many options such as heating, degassing, agitation, vacuum pull are available.

Meter-mix-dispense machines can be used in a variety of industries, such as paints, food products, petroleum products, polymers, adhesives, composites, pharmaceuticals etc.


Mahr’s system of continuous mixing provides a superior alternative to the manual batch mixing process for many applications. Although manual batch mixing may provide a familiar means to an end, it is tedious and causes avoidable product waste.

In contrast, Mahr’s meter, mix and dispense process eliminates the risk of off-ratio or unused product and offers a precise way of producing uniform, on-ratio mixtures that are accurately measured and sustained during the entire mixing process.

About Mahr Metering

Founded in 1861, Mahr is an international privately owned German corporation with global operations. Throughout the years the name Mahr has stood for, quality, innovation, and engineering excellence. The Charlotte, NC office has served the North American Pump and automated metering systems market directly since 1983.  Our pumps (Previously manufactured under the Feinpreuf brand name) are still manufactured in Germany and our automated systems are manufactured in the USA.

Mahr Metering Systems Precision Gear Pumps and Metering Pump Systems is the brand of first choice where metered precision, durability in extreme conditions, and long production life are required. Because of Mahr's broad spectrum of metering pumps, they are found in virtually every field of manufacturing.

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